About Us

Salsa World's Standard Class


“Salsa World's Standard Class” is the biggest Salsa and Bachata school network in the world. We evaluate international dance schools and issue an official certification to confirm their professionalism. We offer the school the possibility to certificate teachers and students along online classes with several Salsa and Bachata Stars.



The teachers and students have the chance to learn and to profit from the dancing and teaching skills of the teachers that are recognized as the world-famous artists in the Salsa and Bachata scene. After the online classes, all teachers get a certification confirming that they have attended the courses successfully. The goal is to have a worldwide standardization and to align professional dance teachers to achieve better and higher level of quality, continuous improvement and collaboration in a standard network. This has many advantages:
  • Certified Dance School
  • Dance Schools with higher level
  • Teachers with higher level of quality
  • Students will learn from the best teachers and dancers in the world
  • SWSC provides learning goals for any levels (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Master)
  • Being part of this global networking brings more and higher recognition
Jump on board to the world of Salsa and Bachata Elite and take your dance to the next level.Contact us and become part of our global network family! :-)