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We have 1200 minutes of video from the most renowned and experienced artists of Salsa and Bachata, with training videos ranging from entry level to advanced.

Certified members of Salsa World Standard Class - schools, teachers and student will receive a login. With this login, you will get the access to videos for each level:

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

In the videos you will find:

  • Footwork (men & lady Style )
  • Spin Technique
  • Couple turns
  • and much more

The idea is to align professional dance schools to achieve better quality, continuous improvement and collaboration in a standard network.

Jump on board to the world Salsa and Bachata Elite. Take your dance to the next Level.

Categories of videos:
  • Footwork (men's & ladies' styling)
  • Spin Technique
  • Couple Turns
  • and much more


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