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Tito & Tamara Salsa Stars

Tito & Tamara Salsa Stars

Johnny Vázquez "The Prince of Salsa" World Star

Johnny Vázquez

Juan Matos - Salsa on2 Star

Juan Matos

Adrian and Anita 6-Time World Champions

6 Times World Champions

Kike y Fania - Bachata Fusion Champions

Kike y Fania

Luis y Andrea - Bachata Sensual World Star

Luis y Andrea

Cuban Flex - Salsa Cubana Stars

Cuban Flex

Alien Ramirez - 20 Time World Champion

Alien Ramirez

Jose Diaz - Salsa On 2 Euphoria Dance Company

Josè Diaz

Griselle Ponce - Salsa On 2 World Star

Griselle Ponce

Alfredo Alarcon - Bachata Sabor dinamico

Alfredo Alarcon

Jose y Elena - Bachata Sensual

Jose y Elena

Barbara Jimenz - Salsa Cubana Star

Barbara Jimenez

Seo Fernandez - Salsa Cubana Classica

Seo Fernandez

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