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Salsa World's Standard Class

What do we do?

Salsa World's Standard Class is the biggest Salsa Schools Network in the world.

We analyze your school and give you a certification to confirm your professionalism of the school.
Also we give you the Possibility to Certificate your Teacher and Student with a Online Class from different Salsa Stars.
Our Teachers are the world famous artists..

Best Dancer of the World

Salsa LA Style , Salsa On1, Salsa On2, Salsa Cubana and Bachata

About salsa world's standard class

The standardization brings many advantages:
Higher level of the dance school
Higher level of teachers
Higher level of students
Less effort to create new learning goals as they will be provided by SWSC (Salsa Word's Standard Class)
Differentiation from uncertified schools
Being part of a global organization


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